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Financial Basics


Success in personal finance is not a sprint, but a journey. If you don't start, you can never accomplish anything. The basic steps to implement personal financial planning are as follows:

financial goal

Step 1: Set future financial goals

  • What are the financial goals you want to achieve in the future?

Bước 2: Evaluate the current financial situation

  • Amount of savings, investments, loans?
  • Net asset value?

Bước 3: Prepare financial plans

  • How to achieve financial goals?
  • How to save money monthly?
  • Learn investment channels that can generate higher profits?

Bước 4: Choose your plan and do it

  • Advantages and disadvantages of financial plans?

Bước 5: Monitor and evaluate the implementation of financial plans

  • Is your financial plan working?

Bước 6: Monitoring and editing financial plans

  • Do you want to change the goal?
  • Need to adjust the plan to achieve the set goals?